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How EncompaaS can help

At EncompaaS, we understand that your business is unique, and your needs demand tailored solutions. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower your and drive success.

How Encompaas delivers

One platform. Infinite possibilities.

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From information to opportunity

Navigating the complexities of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data, and high data growth velocity, is a considerable enterprise challenge. This can result in increased compliance & privacy risk, and the inability to act strategically at pace. 


Regardless of your specific information management, document processing, governance or privacy needs, EncompaaS is here to help. Empowering you to address challenges, we enable the full of your information assets, enhance decision-making, and ultimately your bottom line.


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Know your data

EncompaaS harnesses next-gen AI solutions so that you can know your data, take control and reduce your attack surface.


Automatically and accurately discover and classify the data that matters most - wherever it lives, whatever it is, at Petabyte-scale.


Uncover dark data, identify high-risk data, and take action for security, compliance, privacy, and governance for modern data lifecycle management.




Why choose EncompaaS?

De-risk information

Our approach begins with comprehensive discovery and understanding of your data, spanning the cloud and on-premises repositories.

Having established a data quality foundation, compliance and privacy obligations can be addressed automatically and at scale to de-risk the enterprise.

This automated approach ensures rapid identification of risk and a proactive response to an ever-evolving landscape.

Supercharge AI investments

EncompaaS is at the forefront of empowering enterprises with unparalleled data quality.

We take your data - structured, unstructured and semi-structured - and normalise, enrich and it into an unparalleled data quality layer.

This data quality then fuels generative AI such as GPT Large Language Models provided by Azure OpenAI, so you can get the most out of AI initiatives.

Proven, secure and fast

We meet the highest standards in enterprise-grade security and privacy to give your full confidence over your documents and data.

Microsoft Azure provides underlying infrastructure, security and networking and the EncompaaS Rapid Connector framework is an integration engine that connects to repositories and downstream data lakes and systems.

Our platform requires only a handful of training documents enabling our clients to get started quickly.


From implementation to transformation

Work with our globally renowned team to receive end-to-end support, from 'go live' preparation to post-implementation enhancements.

Achieve ROI faster with EncompaaS experts who implement our platform effectively.

Proactively measure outcomes with a tailored project methodology.

Move beyond point solutions to a platform, fully provisioned in your Microsoft Azure instance.

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Know what you have in any repository, anywhere in the enterprise, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured assets like text, audio, images, and video.


Understand your data and get answers from it quickly. Metadata is added automatically to enrich information, transforming it into an invaluable asset for your organisation.


Govern and protect information and the enterprise at large. Automated policies manage information in place, in real time and at scale.


Transform information into business success with the power to drive AI investments like ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI.

Transform with next-gen information management

Digital transformation remains a priority for all enterprises.


Effective information management underpins its success, by harnessing Content Intelligence and AI to create new opportunities and make existing systems and processes more effective.


Is spent by - per worker, per year as a result of unproductive time due to information management inefficiencies.[1]


Of employees experience challenges when it comes to searching for the information they need to do their job.[2]


Of workers store and manage documents out of their email inbox.[3]


Of Executives think automation can be applied to any business decision[4]

Get AI Ready with Beautifully Prepared Data

AI success starts with data readiness. With unstructured data posing the biggest challenge, EncompaaS automates your data preparation to ensure your enterprise is Gen-AI ready.

Get AI Ready with Beautifully Prepared Data

AI success starts with data readiness. With unstructured data posing the biggest challenge, EncompaaS automates your data preparation to ensure your enterprise is Gen-AI ready.

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Know Your Data. Transform The Enterprise

See how EncompaaS transforms enterprises with its AI-based data quality tools - providing a foundation of unparalleled data quality, data discovery, governance, and analytics.

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