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Manual Work, Uncover Value

Save hundreds of hours with EncompaaS Intelligent Document Processing.

Automate the extraction of valuable data and insights from even the most intricate documents and utilise this understanding to automate lifecycle management processes.

How Encompaas delivers

Extract value from complex documents

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Transform documents into usable data

Effortlessly find, extract, and diverse data from documents across a wide variety of content types and diverse formats including:

  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Forms
  • Annual Reports
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Images

Whether searching for table data down to a specific cell, a word, phrase, or other precise data point, EncompaaS’s intelligent document processing software ensures accurate extraction of the information you need - when you need it - from structured, unstructured and semi-structured content.

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Adaptable and accurate

The EncompaaS platform accurately processes dissimilar documents without requiring a separate model for each variation.


Leverage a conceptual understanding of information surrounding an extraction, giving you the ability to quickly find similar concepts within your documents, even if the way they are worded varies.

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Act strategically at pace

complex documents at scale to unlock information value to take advantage of new business opportunities that drive growth, efficiency and reduced operational costs.


Create a clear understanding of your commercial position in real-time to enable smarter, faster decision-making and accurately automate lifecycle management processes.

How your enterprise benefits


Automated document preprocessing

EncompaaS Intelligent Document Processing utilises advanced technologies, including AI, for efficient data handling.

Preprocessing ensures normalised data, reducing errors and enhancing extraction accuracy, leading to faster processing times and reliable, high-quality document processing workflows.

Additionally, EncompaaS automatically processes content in real-time, offering up-to-the-minute analytics and understanding as amendments are made to the original document.

Automated document classification

EncompaaS Intelligent Document Processing excels in data classification, automating the categorisation of documents into predefined or suggested categories.

Leveraging text analytics, the platform provides recommendations for new categories based on existing taxonomies. Users can create and define categories for manual classification, and the solution ensures validation for both automated and manual processes, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

User-friendly deployment

Deploy quickly in your Microsoft Azure instance with out of the box capabilities that ensure accuracy of extraction, classification, integration and scalability to process documents.

Our no-code platform is built for non-technical users, and it is easy to build and manage data extraction models, without software engineering or data science experience.


Contract Performance Management

Contract Performance Management harnesses EncompaaS Intelligent Document Processing to monitor and manage contracts across the entire lifecycle. With a foundation of superior data quality, you can access accurate contract information quickly and easily, driving greater commercial success.

Automatically extract important business data from contracts, saving time and ensuring compliance with legacy methods. Data can then be used to trigger and orchestrate important business processes.

Leverage a comprehensive suite of contract extraction, automated metadata enhancement, analytics and reporting and management and governance features to enhance efficiency.

Identify and extract valuable data from contracts, amendments and other legal documents to ensure contractual performance obligations are met and .


Transform with next-gen information management

Digital transformation remains a priority for all enterprises.


Effective information management underpins its success, by harnessing Content Intelligence and AI to create new opportunities and make existing systems and processes more effective.


Is spent by - per worker, per year as a result of unproductive time due to information management inefficiencies.[1]


Of employees experience challenges when it comes to searching for the information they need to do their job.[2]


Of workers store and manage documents out of their email inbox.[3]


Of Executives think automation can be applied to any business decision[4]

IDP_Dash (V2)

A Dashboard for your needs

Transform documents into actionable intelligence

AI to automatically extract and process relevant information from documents, reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency.

documents intelligently, streamlining , retrieval, and analysis of information based on content type.

Design a scalable dashboard to accommodate the growing volume of documents, ensuring sustained performance and adaptability to evolving business needs.

Andrew Cresp

Bendigo & Adelaide Bank | Chief Information Officer

"EncompaaS empowers Bendigo & Adelaide Bank to comprehensively analyse customer data; enhancing understanding, management, and of services to better meet our customer’s needs."

Get AI Ready with Beautifully Prepared Data

AI success starts with data readiness. With unstructured data posing the biggest challenge, EncompaaS automates your data preparation to ensure your enterprise is Gen-AI ready.

Get AI Ready with Beautifully Prepared Data

AI success starts with data readiness. With unstructured data posing the biggest challenge, EncompaaS automates your data preparation to ensure your enterprise is Gen-AI ready.

Frequently asked questions

Intelligent document processing software is a digital tool that automates data extraction, processing and interpretation from documents like contracts, invoices, forms, business reports and emails. Such software harnesses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to the collected data, regardless of format or source, and it for easy access and management. 

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