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Legacy system

With EncompaaS you can discover, , and enrich content in legacy systems.


By gaining comprehensive visibility and understanding of your assets, you can decide whether to manage information in place, or strategically retire legacy systems, depending on your transformation goals.

How encompaas delivers

high-return initiatives

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Discover & Protect information everywhere

EncompaaS data management, providing a scalable solution to discover, govern, and control data with a comprehensive approach to information potential.


Illuminate dark data and mitigate risks with automated compliance and continue to leverage the value you have in legacy systems.

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Retire legacy systems

EncompaaS has been designed to offer a plan for enterprises to move staff, processes, and content to alternative active workspaces, aiming to minimise licensing and costs during the transition and without the heavy lifting in traditional migration models.


Retire legacy systems at a pace that suits your while potential risks. Enhance governance and compliance capabilities in critical business systems - including M365 - with in-place management of information and proactive compliance including PII, GDPR and PCI obligations.



How your enterprise benefits

Fast-track digital transformation

EncompaaS propels your beyond viewing compliance and information management as a mere cost, ushering it into a realm where automation and AI can be harnessed, and information initiatives are transformative.

We empower you to reshape the quality and of data, unlocking opportunities to deliver strategic and commercial advantage.

Unrivaled data source flexibility

Our state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning provides smart correlation and classification to to navigate structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, cloud and hybrid environments, on-premises repositories and applications, at Petabyte-scale.

Experience the power of the EncompaaS Connector Framework where flexibility, and scalability elevate your data management. Embrace a solution that adapts alongside your growing data needs and prepares for future demands.

Reduce costs and potential fines

Automated compliance not only offers cost-effective advantages over manual processing but also the risk of security breaches, meeting auditor demands efficiently.

With EncompaaS, your enterprise can respond promptly and in real-time to any investigation or inquiry, ensuring continuous, proactive protection and regulatory adherence.

Transform with next-gen information management

Digital transformation of legacy systems remains a priority for all enterprises.


Effective information management underpins its success, by harnessing AI to create new opportunities and make existing systems and processes more effective.


Is spent by - per worker, per year as a result of unproductive time due to information management inefficiencies. [1]


Of employees experience challenges when it comes to searching for the information they need to do their job.[2]


Of workers store and manage documents out of their email inbox.[3]


Of Executives think automation can be applied to any business decision[4]


A Dashboard for your needs

value from legacy investments

Seamlessly integrate with existing legacy systems, the utility of prior investments and promoting a unified operational environment.

Generate detailed analytics on the performance of legacy systems, offering insights into usage patterns, bottlenecks, and areas for .

Integrate features that enhance the scalability of legacy systems, ensuring they can adapt to the evolving demands of the enterprise without compromising performance.

NSW Government

“DPE adopts EncompaaS to transform its content management; consolidating repositories, automating compliance, and seamlessly managing records within everyday systems, including Microsoft 365.”

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Frequently asked questions

Legacy system refers to updating the existing systems and applications that a business still relies on so that these systems can work efficiently by integrating with modern platforms. The steps taken to legacy systems can differ from project to project, and the solutions can range from replacing them with new products to building new applications from scratch based on your business's evolving needs.

Know Your Data. Transform The Enterprise

See how EncompaaS transforms enterprises with its AI-based data quality tools - providing a foundation of unparalleled data quality, data discovery, governance, and analytics.

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