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Turning information into opportunity

We help highly regulated enterprises transform with AI-powered information management. Get unified data discovery, governance, and analytics to derive better business outcomes and reduce time, cost and risk.

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With more content sitting outside of ECM systems than in them, it is critical to have a plan in place for federated information management.


Empower your agency and improve the citizen experience by connecting silos, automatically de-risking every asset and surfacing insights to enable data-driven decisions.

Life Sciences

Drive innovation and outcomes by unlocking information value and automating compliance obligations.


By more effectively information, address today’s trends and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges while improving speed to market.


Financial Services

Stay competitive and foster better customer relationships with information management, powered by intelligence.


Protect your from regulatory exposure and support operational agility, while empowering your people to make data-backed decisions.


Educational institutions grapple with the challenge of managing scattered, sensitive student data, necessitating both control and accessibility.


EncompaaS provides a comprehensive overview, facilitating informed decision-making by offering insights into student patterns and achievements while minimizing information risks.

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Information holds unprecedented importance for manufacturing enterprises, spanning from the factory floor to the corporate office, yet challenges arise due to silos across different departments.


EncompaaS addresses these challenges by automating the discovery, analysis, and governance of all information, providing a clear understanding of assets, their context, and value. This empowers staff and leadership to make informed decisions and drive better outcomes.


Managing large amounts of historical data, while also handling maintenance, supply, and customer information, is a complex undertaking.


EncompaaS equips your enterprise with the tools to drive efficiency and compliance through continuous data discovery and enrichment. This enables streamlined operations, enhanced control, and automated lifecycle management.

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Amidst global change, information management has become a pivotal factor in healthcare success and patient outcomes, driven by an expanding data footprint across numerous sources and locations.


EncompaaS facilitates deep information discovery and analysis, empowering healthcare providers to enhance process efficiency and lifecycle management of patient records. This is achieved through improved data accuracy, streamlined information retrieval, and error mitigation in day-to-day data operations.