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How OpenAI will transform Information Governance

Authored by EncompaaS - Nov 20, 2023


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Join industry experts David Gould, Chief Customer Officer at EncompaaS, and Mark Diamond, President & CEO of Contoural, as they provide insights into the future of Information Governance and the transformative impact of OpenAI.

This webinar offers a comprehensive exploration of Information Governance’s evolving landscape, the implementation of robust AI compliance measures, and all you need to know about your future and OpenAI. It’s tailored for professionals specializing in Information Governance, Data Compliance and Legal Officers, as well as those with a keen interest in AI’s potential. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and stay at the forefront of these dynamic fields—secure your spot by registering now.

Key Topics

  • The Future of Information Governance
  • AI Guardrails for Data Compliance
  • Enhanced Data Management


David Gould
Chief Customer Officer, EncompaaS

Mark Diamond
President & Chief Executive Officer, Contoural

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