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Enterprise Search

from the start

Boost productivity and teamwork with our cutting-edge enterprise search solution.


Unlock intelligent information retrieval with a central location to search for information enterprise-wide, ensuring the right information reaches the right hands.

How Encompaas delivers

Transforming speed-to-information

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Unparalleled data quality

EncompaaS establishes an exceptional data quality foundation, the backbone for effective search, the risk of false positives and irrelevant matches.


High-quality data ensures contextual understanding, relevance and accuracy, empowering users to quickly find the information they need from one central location for informed, timely decision-making.


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Enhanced user experience

Unlike many enterprise solutions that lack user-friendliness, EncompaaS the search experience.


EncompaaS the user, providing search functionality that delivers an experience similar to consumer apps, generating accurate, contextual and relevant results while eliminating the need for extensive training.





How your enterprise benefits

Leverage policy canvas

EncompaaS Policy Canvas sets the foundation for policies that govern information management, classification, and access. These policies define user access to specific information. 

In synergy, EncompaaS Policy Canvas, coupled with advanced search capabilities and AI, seamlessly translates unique queries into lightning-fast, relevant results. 

Picture the AI diligently searching for the answers you seek, policy guidance and cutting-edge technology for transformative business outcomes.

Advanced security trimming

EncompaaS provides sophisticated security trimming within its enterprise Search functionality, ensuring a secure and tailored information retrieval.

With security trimming, secure enterprise search, EncompaaS dynamically adjusts search results based on the user's permissions and access rights. This means that individuals only see and interact with information aligned with their levels, preventing access to sensitive data.

This not only fortifies data security but also streamlines the search process, allowing users to focus on relevant and permissible information while the enterprise maintains stringent data governance and privacy standards.

Elevate decision-making

EncompaaS enterprise search streamlines collaboration, enabling teams to effortlessly share insights and expertise.

Swift access to pertinent information empowers decision-makers, facilitating well-informed choices. Enhance efficiency and free up valuable time to focus on more strategic tasks rather than spend manual hours searching for information.

Say goodbye to siloed searches and hello to "find me employment contracts". 

Enhance your experience with fast, reliable and easy-to-use enterprise search solutions

the search process for you and your employees with one robust platform, enabling everyone to quickly get answers to their daily questions — answers that lie hidden in various files and portals.

EncompaaS's Enterprise Search has been many ' trusted knowledge navigator since its inception, delivering accurate and relevant answers at the speed of light! It eliminates the need to comb through several documents and applications, streamlining search results so that you can get things done faster and be more productive.

Cut through the noise and boost efficiency from a single viewpoint. No more head-scratching; just search, retrieve and go!

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A Dashboard for your needs

Navigate your data landscape with precision

a search hub, allowing seamless access to diverse data sources and information repositories within the enterprise.

Leverage AI algorithms to enhance search accuracy, providing users with relevant and contextually appropriate results for efficient decision-making.

Empower users to refine search queries with dynamic filters, enabling targeted exploration of data across various dimensions.

NSW Government

“DPE adopts EncompaaS to transform its content management; consolidating repositories, automating compliance, and seamlessly managing records within everyday systems, including Microsoft 365.”

Get AI Ready with Beautifully Prepared Data

AI success starts with data readiness. With unstructured data posing the biggest challenge, EncompaaS automates your data preparation to ensure your enterprise is Gen-AI ready.

Get AI Ready with Beautifully Prepared Data

AI success starts with data readiness. With unstructured data posing the biggest challenge, EncompaaS automates your data preparation to ensure your enterprise is Gen-AI ready.

Frequently asked questions

Enterprise search is an internal search tool used in many corporate to look for business-related information stored in different databases and intranets. It streamlines the search process for employees by providing them with a platform for accessing relevant information quickly, boosting productivity, collaboration and decision-making across the .

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