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FAST-TRACK AI adoption

AI: faster, safer, smarter

Turn your enterprise data into normalised quality data with the EncompaaS platform.


Take advantage of emerging AI like GPT Large Language Models provided by Azure OpenAI with confidence, fulfilling its potential to power better business outcomes. 

How Encompaas delivers

Fast-track AI adoption without risk

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Leading with data quality excellence

EncompaaS is at the forefront of empowering enterprises with AI for data quality, driving business success.


We take your data - structured, unstructured and semi-structured - and normalise, enrich and organise it into an unparalleled data quality layer.


This data quality then fuels generative AI such as GTP Large Language Models provided by Azure OpenAI, so you can get the most out of AI initiatives.


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Innovate with confidence

We understand the delicate balance between harnessing the potential of AI and mitigating risk.


EncompaaS re-risks every information asset across your enterprise so that the data that is used by emerging tech is pristine, and compliant; ready to drive business success without increasing your attack surface.




How your enterprise benefits

Harness best-of-breed AI

EncompaaS' intelligent information management platform is designed to leverage the power of AI swiftly and seamlessly, ensuring minimal risk to your organisation.

Our innovative approach ensures the safe and rapid adoption of emerging technologies so that your enterprise can harness its power confidently.

The EncompaaS platform:

  1. Secures GPT responses: Ground your GPT models securely by incorporating internal data with EncompaaS, ensuring accurate and protected responses.
  2. Enriches content: Enrich your existing content with relevant metadata, allowing your model to tailor responses based on specific questions and needs.
  3. Precision filtering: Automatically filter out irrelevant results or enhance content with pertinent examples, aligning with your desired content creation goals.
  4. Governance validation: Validate and review content with confidence, ensuring alignment with governance and legal policies.

Intelligent Insights

At EncompaaS, we believe in the power of intelligent insights to shape the future of decision-making.

Our AI-powered information management platform utilises advanced analytics and AI to transform raw data into actionable intelligence. By employing machine learning algorithms, EncompaaS not only provides a comprehensive understanding of data but also generates predictive and prescriptive insights.

This approach empowers to make informed decisions, identify trends, and proactively address challenges. 


A Dashboard for your needs

Streamlined insights with AI

Tailor dashboards to your unique requirements, allowing you to and display key metrics and insights relevant to your AI adoption goals.

Condense complex datasets into clear and concise summaries, transforming raw information into easily understandable insights for informed decision-making.

Ensure a smooth integration process with existing systems and platforms, fostering a cohesive AI ecosystem that enhances overall efficiency.

Andrew Cresp

Bendigo & Adelaide Bank | Chief Information Officer

"EncompaaS empowers Bendigo & Adelaide Bank to comprehensively customer data; enhancing understanding, management, and of services to better meet our customer’s needs."

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Frequently Asked Questions

In today's information age, AI is playing a crucial role in enabling organisations to handle massive amounts of data effectively. AI data management refers to the process of strategically and methodically organising and managing an organisation's data assets using AI technology. This helps improve the quality of data, analysis, security and decision-making for businesses.

Know Your Data. Transform The Enterprise

See how EncompaaS transforms enterprises with its AI-based data quality tools - providing a foundation of unparalleled data quality, data discovery, governance, and analytics.