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Contract insights and data extraction

Authored by EncompaaS - May 17, 2023


What you’ll learn from reading this whitepaper

  • How the EncompaaS system discovers and processes items across all connected repositories.
  • How EncompaaS provides visualisation, context, and insights to help users better understand the significance of their data.
  • How perspective metadata enrichment can be useful for retention management and determining retention attributes for different types of records.
  • How accurate information insights are critical for searching, retrieving, reporting, and analyzing records, as well as understanding risks and financial impacts.

More information about this whitepaper

Business teams have many different information requests and insights they need to provide for the purpose of inquiries and support decision making. So much of the information business units create and receive is in the form of documents (unstructured or semi-structured formats) stored in many business systems. With the growth of information holdings, increase in line of business systems, and legacy repositories; automation is critical to highlight risk, take action, and provide trustworthy data for decision making.

EncompaaS provides a strategy to manage all your information from the source systems and repositories it’s created in, with flexibility to elect which content may need more deep data insights extracted, and lower value content that may just need automated classification.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your data into a strategic asset for your business. Download our whitepaper on EncompaaS’ Contract Insights and Data Extraction to discover how AI-powered metadata extraction and analysis can help you gain valuable insights, reduce risk, and make better decisions.

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