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Data compliance & privacy

Confidence, powered by AI

From the start, data privacy and compliance have been the heart of EncompaaS to keep our customers out of the headlines.


AI-driven capabilities ensure that effective protection begins with comprehensive discovery and understanding of information enterprise-wide so that automation can take care of evolving obligations.


How Encompaas delivers

Proactively meet compliance & privacy obligations

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Leverage automation, reduce risk

Proactively address data compliance and privacy obligations and de-risk the enterprise.


Know what data you have, and where it resides, while EncompaaS AI and Machine Learning algorithms manage information in place, applying regulatory compliance decisions intelligently.




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Comprehensive data governance

Actively monitor key assets in critical systems with rules to meet compliance and privacy obligations across the cloud, hybrid and on-premises repositories, such as file shares, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, EDRMS, lesser-known and bespoke systems.


Learn more about the EncompaaS Connector Framework.









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Better classification means better privacy

Rather than assuming an all-encompassing shield, you can ensure that private data is protected accordingly.


The EncompaaS platform automatically and classifies records so you can appropriately reflect the sensitivity of the information, such as PII and PCI, and satisfy requirements for information management and data governance, including GDPR.


How your enterprise benefits

Avoid over-retention

Data minimisation is increasingly important to reduce risk as you can be in violation of the GDPR and other regulations if you are holding private data for too long.

The EncompaaS platform allows for retention schedules with associated disposition actions, so private data authorised for destruction is permanently destroyed once it is no longer required.

Automated compliance

EncompaaS eradicates a major obstacle to effective record-keeping: conscious compliance decisions.

Our platform serves as a transparent layer of governance, that is "always on" and safeguarding your enterprise. Your teams can focus on more important tasks using the systems they know and love, while EncompaaS takes care of compliance and privacy obligations in the background. 

Reduce costs and potential fines

Automated compliance not only offers cost-effective advantages over manual processing but also the risk of security breaches, meeting auditor demands efficiently.

With EncompaaS, your enterprise can respond promptly and in real-time to any investigation or inquiry, ensuring continuous protection and regulatory adherence.


A Dashboard for your needs

Ensure compliance in
every byte

Track and ensure adherence to data protection regulations, providing real-time visibility into compliance status across the enterprise.

your enterprise's risk across departments to gain a real understanding of where PII data is being created and stored.

Generate comprehensive reports for regulatory bodies, demonstrating compliance with data protection laws and reinforcing trust with stakeholders.

Claire Kearns

Rural City of Wangaratta | Customer Experience & Information Management Coordinator

"EncompaaS aligns with Rural City of Wangaratta’s efforts to establish a standard approach in how important information is managed and governed to enable informed decision making, effective delivery of services and compliance with regulatory requirements."

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