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Race ahead with AI-driven information management

The most advanced information management platform that empowers enterprises to govern, secure, and information environments on-premises
and in multi-cloud environments.

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Data Compliance & Privacy

Safeguard your enterprise by implementing policies that automate compliance and privacy obligations, while seamlessly managing the lifecycle of information, in place, from creation to deletion.


Welcome regulators and respond in real-time to any investigation or enquiry, knowing your enterprise is protected from reputation damage, loss of trust from shareholders, and competitive disadvantage.

Intelligent Document Processing

Automatically discover,  and extract data from structured and unstructured information.


Easily identify commercial risk, and improve decision-making, while uncovering the hidden value within your enterprise content including complex documents such as contracts.

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Fast-Track AI Adoption

Fast-track AI adoption with confidence.


Leverage your data, impeccable data quality provided by the EncompaaS platform, to harness a trustworthy foundation for faster and more accurate AI adoption.


Facilitate innovation without compromising security, ensuring a seamless and successful AI outcome for your .

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments

Power MAD success with information infrastructure that enables discovery and analysis of critical enterprise data to drive better business outcomes. Get better insights, mitigate risk, and reduce costs with MAD solutions from EncompaaS.

Automatic Compliance Transparent-illustration

Harness Enterprise Search

Experience a transformative shift in how your utilises its wealth of information.


Embrace efficiency, collaboration, and innovation with our Enterprise Search solution. Unlock the power of seamless, intelligent, and lightning-fast information retrieval, putting the right information in the right hands.

Legacy Platforms

Empower your enterprise with EncompaaS, offering the agility to seamlessly discover, , and enrich content in legacy systems.


Gain visibility to achieve transformation goals, whether it's managing information in place and automating privacy and compliance, or strategically retiring legacy systems, without risk.


Race ahead with next-gen information management

Let us show you how to turn information into insights, reduce risk and fast-track digital transformation.