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Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments

Power MAD success with enterprise-wide data

Empower a ‘MAD-ready’ information infrastructure to enable discovery and analysis of the new data to strengthen your business outcomes.

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MAD success, driven by data analysis and
application to the business.

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Discover every bit of data

Discover structured and unstructured data in the cloud and on-premise repositories. Accelerate the integration and application of new data into day-to-day business operations.

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Understand the information mix

Rapid and intelligent classification of very large datasets, transforming your structured and unstructured data into clear and accurate information.

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Risk reduction

Understand your liabilities and obligations in real-time, including in contracts, business communications, intellectual property, personal information, and brand protection.

How your enterprise benefits

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Data insights

With EncompaaS, businesses can quickly gain insights into the target company's financial health, operations, and legal obligations. This information can be critical for making informed decisions about the acquisition or integration of the target company. Additionally, EncompaaS can help identify potential risks and opportunities for improvement, which can be useful for optimizing operations post-acquisition.

Risk mitigation

EncompaaS enables the transformation of disparate data handling practices into a unified framework during business mergers. Discover and understand the data to efficiently integrate it into existing compliance-driven retention schedules ensuring a smooth and compliant transition.

Cost reduction

With EncompaaS, take advantage of information efficiency to reduce operational costs associated with managing acquired information by consolidating repositories and eliminating application costs such as maintenance and subscription fees. Through the consolidation of information repositories, organizations can reduce redundancy and streamline their operations, resulting in a more efficient use of resources.

MAD integrations with next-generation information management.

Digital transformation remains a priority for all enterprises. Effective information management is essential for MAD success, as it ensures that information is easily accessible and can be leveraged to make informed decisions. Content Intelligence and artificial intelligence to harness new opportunities and enhance the effectiveness of existing systems and processes.


Of MAD business goals fail because of the inability to integrate systems and understand the data that has been acquired or divested.[1]


Of a company’s data is unstructured, some of which will contain sensitive information which will need to be properly discovered during a MAD deal.[2]


Of an M&A deal size is the estimated integration costs, such as duplicate infrastructure and the retention and migration of ROT data.[3]


Of companies have reported that they are using data analytics in their MAD diligence and monitoring right now.[4]


A Dashboard for your needs

See risk and opportunity like never before

Understand information management opportunities and hot spots across the enterprise and where teams are creating content.
Filter on facets of content to support the task at hand.
Manage enterprise content compliantly and retire it in accordance with legislation and corporate policy.
Configure specific dashboards to meet your internal business and regulatory needs.
Claire Kearns

Rural City of Wangaratta | Customer Experience & Information Management Coordinator

"EncompaaS aligns with Rural City of Wangaratta’s efforts to establish a standard approach in how important information is managed and governed to enable informed decision making, effective delivery of services and compliance with regulatory requirements."

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Race ahead with next-gen information management

See how EncompaaS transforms enterprises with Content Intelligence - providing a unified data discovery, governance, and analytics solution.

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