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Embracing OpenAI in Information Management 

Authored by David Gould - Oct 4, 2023


In the dynamic realm of information management, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a groundbreaking force in technology, simultaneously providing a wave of innovation and a sense of apprehension. At EncompaaS, AI is interwoven with our DNA, serving as a cornerstone of our platform capabilities, and already provides substantial benefits for our customers.

We’re excited to share that EncompaaS is at the forefront of utilizing the enterprise version of ChatGPT (Bing Copilot), facilitated through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, for enhanced data search and classification. EncompaaS stands as one of the pioneering information management solution providers to fully leverage OpenAI’s full capabilities. 

This perspective was highlighted at an industry conference that I attended recently, which emphasized the necessity of combining Azure OpenAI with other AI-driven technologies to provide a well-rounded solution. Such an approach allows organizations to comprehensively discover, govern, and utilize data at their disposal, marrying innovation with reliability and security.

Our experience has likened Azure OpenAI to a highly intelligent young prodigy—full of potential but requiring guidance to navigate complex landscapes.

Unlock the Full Potential of AI

Stepping into the future of data management, you will find Azure OpenAI at the core of search and auto-classification capabilities. Yet, at EncompaaS, we go a step further by augmenting its capabilities with a suite of advanced tools designed to refine and holistically manage your data ecosystem, in the cloud and across on-premises repositories. 

While OpenAI alone represents a cost-effective solution, it is vital to recognize that a reduction in cost may correspond to a narrower scope of results and capability.  

For example, in-depth analysis of data entrenched in complex documents, such as contracts, variations, and master agreements, requires additional AI-driven technologies to discover and analyse micro-details and data within complex document structures to identify commercial risk and opportunity in real-time.   

At EncompaaS, our focal point remains generating unparalleled data quality—the cornerstone in today’s information management world.

After all, a successful AI outcome is intrinsically linked to the quality of data fed into the analytics engine, negating the superficiality often associated with Artificial Intelligence. The EncompaaS platform not only facilitates superior data management but also enables organizations to generate robust business outcomes.

In response to the rapid developments in AI technology, our team has devoted significant resources to ensuring flexibility and adaptability within our platform. This foresight guarantees that EncompaaS customers will consistently have access to the latest advancements in proven Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models, synergized with other components of our platform to deliver fast, reliable results. 

The Path Forward

OpenAI is part of a promising journey towards harnessing Large Language Models, supervised Machine Learning, and other AI technologies to expedite the discovery, analysis, governance, and utilization of enterprise information.  

EncompaaS advocates for the rapid adoption of AI-driven solutions like Azure OpenAI to streamline and democratize the AI experience. We firmly believe that AI harbors immense potential to enhance human-technology collaboration, redirecting managerial focus towards driving superior business outcomes. 

David Gould

Chief Customer Officer

To explore how Azure OpenAI, integrated seamlessly with EncompaaS, can elevate your organization's data on-premises and in multi-cloud environments, please contact me [email protected] for more information.

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