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Data Preparation: The Key to Unlocking AI Brilliance

Authored by Jesse Todd - May 30, 2024


There’s no denying the immense potential artificial intelligence holds to fundamentally transform how organisations operate and deliver value.

By harnessing advanced AI capabilities, organisations can automate processes at scale, accelerate data-driven decision making, unlock predictive analytics that anticipate future opportunities, and create hyper-personalised customer experiences.

The innovation possibilities AI enables are vast, so it’s no wonder 9 out of 10 executives are prioritising generative AI as a top three priority in 2024. Ultimately, strategically leveraging AI allows companies to gain crucial competitive advantages around efficiency, growth, and innovation.

It’s precisely these types of game-changing opportunities that inspire my passion for empowering highly regulated organisations like government agencies, life sciences providers, manufacturers, financial institutions and others with the ability to capitalise on AI’s potential. These are the institutions that quite literally impact hundreds of millions of lives every day, so enhancing their technological capabilities with AI can produce tremendous positive impacts at scale.

However, as transformative as AI’s impact may be, none of it is possible without first establishing a strong foundation of quality data. The reality is that substandard data quality will invariably lead to substandard AI outcomes. Poor, inaccurate, or incomplete data creates biased, untrustworthy outcomes that produce flawed intelligence.

The Journey Begins with Intelligent Data Preparation

Before any AI or machine learning initiative can be successful and provide accurate, reliable and responsible outputs, the data pipeline fueling it must be optimised for peak quality and trustworthiness. This presents a significant blocker for most organisations due to the enormous scale and complexity of their hybrid data landscapes.

The majority of an organisation’s information assets exist in fragmented, ungoverned reserves of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. Particularly challenging are the mountains of unstructured formats like documents, media files, messages and other “dark data” that is essentially invisible and inaccessible through traditional data management practices.

To illuminate these reserves and efficiently prepare data for AI consumption, organisations need intelligent data preparation capabilities powered by the latest innovations, including:

  • A combination of AI and machine learning models that automatically discover and classify data across repositories and data structures
  • Natural language processing to interpret semantic context and enrich data understanding
  • AI-driven data quality processes to cleanse, de-risk, deduplicate and generate trustworthy data for consumption by upstream analytics and processes

EncompaaS: Your AI Force Multiplier

This is where the EncompaaS intelligent information management platform becomes a true force multiplier for generating trusted, high-quality AI use cases. Our platform is designed to find, enrich, organise and de-risk structured, unstructured and semi-structured content anywhere in the enterprise through our four pillars of information management: Discover, Understand, Govern and Use.


For many organisations the first step in improving business outcomes is to know where information resides across enterprise repositories. Content cannot be effectively and responsibly managed if its existence is not known. The EncompaaS connector framework allows you to connect to a variety of repositories. Both structured and unstructured data types are supported.


The next critical element is to understand what your information is. This includes the content’s business purpose and relevance. EncompaaS leverages AI and machine learning services to determine the “Business Types” and “Perspectives”. Our document cognition capability extracts key metadata from unstructured documents. Through analysis and metadata enrichment, a detailed profile of the content is built and represented facilitating further analysis, insights, governance and use.


Once content is discovered and understood, the EncompaaS policy engine is used to automate lifecycle management. Content that is managed by EncompaaS will be retained and secured according to the organisation’s business and regulatory requirements. 

With deep understanding of what your content is and key metadata values, allocation of the appropriate retention can be accurately automated.


With the ability to visualise and gain insights into business content across enterprise systems, decisions can be made on how this content may be used in downstream processes to reduce risk or deliver value. Enterprise search, analysis, dashboards and reports enable staff to more easily respond to information requests, support PII initiatives, streamline e-discovery, understand contract obligations, exposure and value. Organisations can also use this normalised, well understood data in other applications as the EncompaaS platform easily integrates with third-party platforms. 

Multiply Your AI Success

Ultimately, establishing a disciplined, automated approach to continuously enhancing and safeguarding data quality is essential for transforming AI potential into reality. EncompaaS acts as an AI force multiplier by eliminating the data readiness bottleneck.

With EncompaaS providing the solid data foundation, our customers can accelerate credible AI pilots into production far more rapidly, while mitigating risks related to compliance, privacy, or operational disruptions caused by poor data. The path is cleared for responsible, real-world AI deployments that create sustainable competitive advantages.

There’s no question that AI will continue to have an unparalleled impact in shaping business, industries and society moving forward. By equipping organisations with intelligent data preparation capabilities, together we’ll ensure that impact remains positive, trusted and transformative.

Jesse Todd

CEO, EncompaaS

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and feel free to reach out to me directly: [email protected]

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