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Navigating the Future: Key Technology Trends in Pharma Rebate Contracting  

Authored by David Gould - Mar 22, 2024


Can you imagine manually searching through thousands of pages of complex rebate contracts to find specific language, passages or data points? Some words and data could be in handwritten notes scrawled in the margins. Now, imagine combing through these documents all day, every day, eight hours a day, five days a week. That is the experience that many, if not all, contract managers endure managing business outcomes for the rebate programs they manage.

The tedium that comes with these tasks is daunting. Which is why many rebate contract managers are excited about new technology that could help them complete their manual tasks in a fraction of the time and allow them to focus on managing better business outcomes, rather than cutting and pasting from contracts to spreadsheets.    

The ever-changing landscape

While managing rebate contracts poses challenges due to the sheer scale, scope and complexity, changes in healthcare policies, both domestically and internationally, are also continually re-shaping the landscape of rebate contracting.  

Policy changes, such as alterations to drug pricing regulations or shifts in reimbursement methodologies, can necessitate rapid adjustments to rebate contracts. On one hand, rebate programs open new avenues for collaboration and partnerships, allowing companies to access a broader range of resources and expertise. On the other hand, they introduce added complexities in contract management, including navigating diverse regulatory environments and cultural differences.  

In this globalized landscape, AI driven technologies emerge as a catalyst for streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency, enabling contract managers to stay ahead of these policy changes, and evolve their approach to contract management at scale.  

Harnessing AI to supercharge efficiency

Through utilizing supervised machine learning and Open AI – all orchestrated in the EncompaaS solution – rebate contract managers can access and localize key data points from vast datasets, and compare pertinent rebate data (such as drug name, eligible product units, average selling price, contract start and end dates, termination periods, shipping and liability terms) with ease.  

In addition, EncompaaS’ AI-powered analytics can revolutionize contract management by identifying patterns to predict future market dynamics, optimize rebate strategies, minimize revenue leakage, and enhance negotiation outcomes.  

As the pharmaceutical landscape undergoes rapid transformation fueled by globalization, AI, and evolving healthcare policies – contract managers must embrace technology as a strategic resource that will assist them in completing tasks in a fraction of the time, at a much greater scale. In the face of these future trends, contract managers need to proactively prepare for the future of pharmaceutical rebate contracting.   

The future of rebate contracting

At EncompaaS, we strongly advocate for the rapid adoption of AI-driven solutions to streamline the analysis and visualization of contracted agreements.  

When applied in the complex world of pharmaceutical rebate contracts, it provides an automated way of tracking the performance of drugs against contracted terms – enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to maximize the revenue potential of every rebate contract.  With EncompaaS, contract managers don’t need to learn another software application; they spend all their time learning more about their rebate data to drive better outcomes for their organization. 

David Gould

Chief Customer Officer

If you would like to see how one of the largest pharmaceutical companies is employing these new technologies, please contact me [email protected] for more information.

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