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Harnessing AI for Smarter Information Management

Authored by Michelle Phillips - Oct 12, 2023


RIMPA Live 2023 brought together the best and brightest in records and information management, and EncompaaS was proud to be a platinum sponsor for the event. Here, we recap our experience at RIMPA Live 2023 and the key takeaways that have us looking forward to the future of information management.

EncompaaS were grateful to be platinum sponsors at this years RIMPA Live 2023, where we showcased our innovative solutions for information management and had the opportunity to engage with professionals from various government departments and industries who share a common goal: optimising information management. Our team was on hand to engage with attendees, sharing insights on how our platform can address the growing challenges of information management and records keeping. You may have also noticed EncompaaS branding on this year’s coffee cart, complete with EncompaaS branded coffee cups, offering a chance for attendees to recharge and network over a much needed cup of joe.

One of the highlights of RIMPA Live 2023 was our own Shimron Shimla’s engaging presentation, where he delved into the profound impact of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on day-to-day information management activities. Shimron highlighted the significance of harnessing these cutting-edge technologies to streamline information management processes and drive efficiency. His insights resonated with the audience and sparked discussions on how AI can revolutionise the way we understand and utilise data.

RIMPA Live provided us with a great opportunity to engage with today’s information and records managers, and gain great insights into the challenges being faced now and in the future. During our discussions at RIMPA, we surveyed attendees on some of the key pain points that information and records managers have today.

Discovery and Understanding of Content

Our results revealed that 64% of attendees emphasised the need to better understand the content they have. This is a critical challenge many organisations face today. With data growing at an exponential rate, making sense of it all is essential. Harnessing AI and ML can offer a solution by helping organisations discover patterns, insights, and correlations within their vast repositories of information.

Turning Unstructured into Structured

Unstructured data still remains a big pain point amongst attendees, with 80-90% of an organisation’s data still being unstructured. While this percentage as remained the same for over a decade, the amount of data being produced has continued to grow exponentially making the management and analysis of unstructured data a daunting task. Converting this unstructured data into structured, organised, and accessible information is where AI and ML can make a significant impact. We’ve seen first-hand how EncompaaS customers transform their unstructured data to improve decision-making, enhanced compliance, and overall better information governance.

How to Use AI for Better Information Governance

The majority of participants were keen on understanding how AI can be leveraged to enhance information governance. They were curious about the practical applications of AI in their specific industries and how it could improve their day-to-day operations. AI has the potential to not only automate routine tasks but also provide valuable insights, increasing productivity and aiding in better decision-making.

RIMPA Live 2023 was a testament to the evolving landscape of information management. The challenges of understanding content, turning unstructured data into structured, and harnessing AI for improved information governance are at the forefront of professionals’ minds. EncompaaS, as an active participant in the event, is committed to addressing these challenges with innovative solutions.

As we reflect on our experience at RIMPA Live 2023, we look forward to continuing the dialogue on how AI and ML can transform information management. EncompaaS remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to help organisations make the most of their data and ensure smarter, more efficient information governance in the future.

Michelle Phillips

Head of Customer Success

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