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Advocating for change

Authored by EncompaaS - May 17, 2023


What you’ll learn from reading this whitepaper

  • Why ‘workaround culture’ is hindering the realization of transformation plans and opening your company up to risks.
  • Why software must be an enabler of the needs of the organisation and its people.
  • Why having a leadership team that comprehends the significance of investing in digital transformation is a crucial strategic imperative.

More information about this whitepaper

With business complexity increasing and budgets under pressure, organisational priorities tightly align to strategic initiatives. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to address the issues that don’t directly appear to be a core strategic priority. As companies continue growing and changing, significant processes that were put in place are instead being worked around due to lack of structure. These workarounds are not visible at the executive layer, but eventually become evident after an incident involving at-risk data.

A shift in our approach to recordkeeping and governance is crucial in avoiding a ‘workaround culture’ that could hinder the realization of transformation plans. Building a data led culture is a significant change, and it requires strategies that are both scalable and resilient, alongside a leadership team that understand that investing for the future is a strategic imperative.

Download our whitepaper advocating on change to better understand the importance of clearly defined strategies and processes for handling data transformation.

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