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Optimised performance through intelligent governance

EncompaaS is a SaaS compliance platform that delivers intelligent, automated governance across all your on-premises content repositories, cloud repositories and cloud application services. EncompaaS will allow you to better understand and manage your enterprise content, adopt new cloud solutions rapidly, support innovation without risk, and make critical business decisions compliantly.

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De-risk your digital strategy

By enabling fully automated, transparent governance across cloud services and on-premises data repositories, EncompaaS builds a governance bridge from your on-premises world to the cloud, ensuring adoption of cloud services meets all your regulatory requirements.

EncompaaS allows you to undertake your transition to the digital workplace quickly, safely and — above all — compliantly, bringing all the benefits of enhanced productivity into the here and now.

Deliver compliance across cloud services such as…

Meeting the governance challenge

By connecting to enterprise content repositories EncompaaS analyses the information within and enriches information sources with machine learning and AI capabilities. EncompaaS visualises your content’s patterns and themes enabling you to gain a more immediate understanding of its true significance. Armed with this clearer insight, you will be able to manage all your enterprise content compliantly, migrate it to new digital workplace software as required, and to retire it in accordance with legislation and corporate policy.

EncompaaS manages content with rules and policies so that users don’t have to. End users can use whatever application is best suited to their roles and EncompaaS manages the content they create behind the scenes, automatically.


We help organisations to leverage enterprise compliance itself as a vital backbone for the structure that supports teams tasked to achieve vital business goals and to deliver growth.

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Connect to your content - wherever it lives.

Utilising our connector framework, EncompaaS connects to on-premise and cloud-based repositories to deliver universal compliance.

Analyse, Visualise & Enrich

Analyse your content to understand its true value.

EncompaaS gains in-depth insight into your content to help you make the changes you need to reduce risk and speed up digital workplace adoption.


Take full control over your content

Now you know what your information looks like you can confidently manage it and trust software, not people, to manage your compliance obligations automatically. Lifecycle policies monitor and detect change over time, ultimately retaining, transitioning and retiring content to your exact requirements.


Mobilise your content

Move content from on-premise to your new digital desktop seamlessly and securely at your own pace — folder by folder, department by department. Bring redundant, obsolete and trivial content under control and retire legacy silos and repositories that are no longer active.


Enhance data value and capability for your business teams

EncompaaS leverages AI and ML services to enrich content across the enterprise, creating and delivering greater data value to business functions and supporting improved decision making.

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