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Supercharge information: safer, faster, smarter

Leverage unparalleled data quality to solve compliance and privacy risk while fast-tracking the adoption of Generative AI. 

The EncompaaS Difference

In today's dynamic business environment, EncompaaS simplifies information management by empowering you to navigate and harness structure and unstructured data across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. Our intelligent SaaS platform ensures compliance and data quality, enabling you to address risks and seize opportunities confidently.

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Core encompaas capabilities

Why EncompaaS?

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Generate data quality

Our approach begins with comprehensive discovery and understanding of your data, spanning the cloud, hybrid and on-premises repositories.


EncompaaS establishes an exceptional data quality foundation, enabling you to manage structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in place.


De-risk information

Having established a data quality foundation, compliance and privacy obligations can be addressed automatically and at scale to de-risk the enterprise.


This automated approach ensures rapid identification of risk and a proactive response to an ever-evolving landscape.

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Supercharge AI

EncompaaS empowers cutting-edge generative AI tools by normalising enterprise data into the highest quality data, ensuring reliable results that you can trust.


Unlock the potential of AI and lightning-fast decision-making, while safeguarding your enterprise and positioning it for the next wave of innovation.

Purpose-Built For Enterprises

EncompaaS Use Cases

Data Compliance & Privacy

Safeguard your enterprise by implementing policies that automate compliance and privacy obligations, while seamlessly managing the lifecycle of information, in place, from creation to deletion.

Welcome regulators and respond in real-time to any investigation or enquiry, knowing your enterprise is protected from reputation damage, loss of trust from shareholders, and competitive disadvantage.

EncompaaS aligns with Rural City of Wangaratta’s efforts to establish a standard approach in how important information is managed and governed to enable informed decision making, effective delivery of services and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Claire Kearns, Customer Experience & Information Management Coordinator, Rural City of Wangaratta

Intelligent Document Processing

Boost your team's efficiency with our advanced document processing capabilities.

Save hundreds of hours otherwise spent on manual tasks, and effortlessly extract valuable insights from even the most intricate and complex documents.

Fast-Track AI Adoption

Fast-track AI adoption with confidence.

Leverage your data, impeccable data quality provided by the EncompaaS platform, to harness a trustworthy foundation for faster and more accurate AI adoption.

Facilitate innovation without compromising security, ensuring a seamless and successful AI outcome for your

The EncompaaS platform is a tool which will greatly increase Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s ability to understand, manage and its customer data, which in turn, will allow the Bank to further streamline and tailor its service offerings to better meet our customers’ specific needs.

Andrew Cresp, Chief Information Officer, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Harness Enterprise Search

Experience a transformative shift in how your utilises its wealth of information.

Embrace efficiency, collaboration, and innovation with our Enterprise Search solution. Unlock the power of seamless, intelligent, and lightning-fast information retrieval, putting the right information in the right hands.

Optimise Legacy Platforms

Empower your enterprise with EncompaaS, offering the agility to seamlessly discover, , and enrich content in legacy systems.

Gain visibility to achieve transformation goals, whether it's managing information in place and automating privacy and compliance, or strategically retiring legacy systems, without risk. 

Start connecting content silos

Day-1 visibility into all business systems, supported by customer success and consulting teams to help every step of the way.


Know what you have in any repository, anywhere in the enterprise, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured assets like text, audio, images, and video.


Understand your data and get answers from it quickly. Metadata is added automatically to enrich information, transforming it into an invaluable asset for your organisation.


Govern and protect information and the enterprise at large. Automated policies manage information in place, in real time and at scale.


Transform information into business success with the power to drive AI investments like ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI.


From implementation to transformation

Work with our globally renowned team to receive end-to-end support, from 'go live' preparation to post-implementation enhancements.

Achieve ROI faster with EncompaaS experts who implement our platform effectively.

Proactively measure outcomes with a tailored project methodology.

Move beyond point solutions to a platform, fully provisioned in your Microsoft Azure instance.

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Get AI Ready with Beautifully Prepared Data

AI success starts with data readiness. With unstructured data posing the biggest challenge, EncompaaS automates your data preparation to ensure your enterprise is Gen-AI ready.

Get AI Ready with Beautifully Prepared Data

AI success starts with data readiness. With unstructured data posing the biggest challenge, EncompaaS automates your data preparation to ensure your enterprise is Gen-AI ready.

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