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Governing the new cloud workplace, powered by EncompaaS

Authored by Cassandra Bisset - May 15, 2019


At a team update meeting, one of your colleagues has most likely discussed a new App he or she is investigating to solve a business problem. Thank goodness for SaaS! It’s never been easier to ‘fail fast and cheap’ or ‘be delighted and keep subscribing’. Taking a look at Gartner’s CEO survey of 473 CEOs and C-level business executives for 2019-2020, there are some great insights on cross industry issues – particularly the call out that 82% of organisations have digital business strategies underway. This may be digital transformation projects, as well as leveraging SaaS capabilities and an increase in specialist Apps to get the job done. 

However, the requirement to operate digital systems is causing some real tension when moving through procurement processes, particularly for Public Sector, Financial Services and other regulated sectors…how does your App meet risk, compliance and governance responsibilities of the organisation?

Ok, so maybe that bit hadn’t been high on the agenda when finding an App that helped ‘get things done in the most innovative way’. With watchdog and regulator spotlights firmly on how organisations conduct business, reduce risk, protect customer information and maintain corporate resilience in case of a service failure, it puts things into perspective. What stands out clearly is the need to have a plan that sits across the organisation, enabling teams to progress their business strategies with cloud services.

McKinsey partner Irina Starikova explores a number of these challenges in Creating value with the cloud. This may not feel like the natural stomping ground for people who look after compliance and governance within a department, but it should be. Our colleagues in Risk departments are increasingly pulled in to discussions on cloud exposure, but what’s happening with our Records and Information Managers? There’s significant value these teams can add here.

With the expansion in to the use of SaaS tools, leveraging a compliance approach from a central management capability, centrally administered by existing Records and Information Management teams, or in emerging Governance groups makes sense. Having Risk, Compliance and IT enabled through one capability gives each stakeholder group the visibility and engagement that they need.

Connecting to cloud and on-premise repositories, EncompaaS analyses information within and enriches discovered information sources with machine learning and AI capabilities. EncompaaS visualises your content’s patterns and themes enabling you to gain a more immediate understanding of its true significance.

Armed with this clearer insight, you will be able to manage all your enterprise content compliantly, migrate it to new digital workplace software as required and to retire it in accordance with legislation and corporate policy.

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