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Warranty data management

Compliant management of warranty data

Cultivate a warranty information foundation that facilitates direct visibility into your warranty data throughout its lifecycle.

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Simplify the complexities
of warranty data management

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Discover your
warranty data

Discover your fragmented warranty data across multiple database applications, where buyers, VINs, warranty service and other details are stored separately.

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Understand the information mix

Rapid and intelligent classification of very large datasets, transforming your structured and unstructured warranty data into clear and accurate information.

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Mitigate your

With automated compliance, confidently retain and dispose of warranty data in a defensible manner.

How your enterprise benefits

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Preserve targeted profit margins

Warranty data management offers a direct impact on preserving an enterprise's target profit margins by ensuring that fragmented warranty data are being effectively utilised. By implementing a robust warranty data management solution, businesses can consolidate and organise scattered warranty data, enabling efficient analysis and decision-making.

Trace data lineage

Trace data lineage meticulously to ensure transparency and accountability for warranty data management, giving all stakeholders confidence in your operations while streamlining compliance efforts. Our solution simplifies the complex task of tracking warranty information, promoting trust and efficiency in your automotive business.

Reduce cost

Achieve significant cost savings with EncompaaS while fully automating your warranty based data. Our solution seamlessly integrates structured data management with unstructured content, providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to your warranty data management needs.

Manage warranty data with next-gen information management.

Digital transformation remains a priority for all enterprises. Effective information management is essential for warranty management, as it ensures that warranty information is reliably accessible and retained, while also defensibly disposing of data at the end of its lifecycle. Content Intelligence and artificial intelligence to harness new opportunities and enhance the effectiveness of existing systems and processes.


Is the estimated total worldwide cost of automotive warranty accrual.[1]


Of a company’s data is unstructured. EncompaaS enables you to identify and act on unstructured warranty-related data throughout its lifecycle.[2]


Is the amount of new cars are sold by automotive manufacturers each year, each with its set of warranties that need to be managed.[3]


Is the target profitability for each warranty issued, mismanagement of warranty data dramatically impacts those profits. [4]


A Dashboard for your needs

See risk and opportunity like never before

Understand information management opportunities and hot spots across the enterprise and where teams are creating content.
Filter on facets of content to support the task at hand.
Manage enterprise content compliantly and retire it in accordance with legislation and corporate policy.
Configure specific dashboards to meet your internal business and regulatory needs.

Know Your Data. Transform The Enterprise

See how EncompaaS transforms enterprises with its AI-based data quality tools - providing a foundation of unparalleled data quality, data discovery, governance, and analytics.

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