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Governing the exploding scale of content with EncompaaS

Authored by Cassandra Bisset - May 14, 2019


Gartner’s transition from Enterprise Content Management to Content Services demonstrated the maturing business needs and demands on software capabilities to address information management and flows – whether your systems are cloud or on-premise. After hundreds of projects in Public Sector, Financial Services and Pharmaceutical industries, we’ve had a hike in feedback from CIO’s and heads of business still raising challenges in transitioning to Cloud. We’re also at the height of concern on the risk relating to over-reliance on staff to classify and manage corporate information in a compliant manner. So many organisations are still dependent on policy documents outlining obligations to their staff and annual declarations for staff to confirm they understand their obligation.

How are organisations supporting staff to do their jobs and providing appropriate governance and systems underpinning the business? Even with an Enterprise Content Management system, staff store information in the wrong place, revert to C Drives and Shared Drives and have a huge amount of high-risk content trapped in email or scattered across business systems. The idea of manual filing isn’t working out so well…

Similarly, how do leadership teams get a clear picture of where the risk is in their organisation, or if things are indeed well managed? Our team of international specialists have developed EncompaaS to manage information governance across organisations – without all the historic headaches or traditional integration or user driven classification and filing. But let’s get to the topic of automation, because it does tend to be contentious…

When the idea of autoclassification started to come up regularly some 10 years ago, it was relatively unpopular for a couple of reasons. Some technology was hit and miss, other technology relied on highly complex and static rules engines, which were difficult to tune. However more to the heart of the problem, people overall had a serious distrust of technology doing the work.

Things have changed for the most part as our exposure to consumer grade software is greater and software is so much better, but for an even bigger reason – organisations need to put their precious resources where they count the most. 

There is an alarming increase in statistics reflecting the growth of content globally to date and the exponential predictions of scale in the next 10 years. Regardless of which graph or research house the charts come from, they all show a shallow curve, heading to a very steep climb with no stop in sight. With unstructured data being 80-90% of data growth created within an organization, it’s a big problem needing a sustainable solution – now.

EncompaaS is designed to solve these challenges across on premise and cloud systems with modern visual policies, automated at scale. Bringing compliance, governance and a path to help organisations move stale content, archive and retire content of business systems, all meeting compliant policy. 

Doing this in a way that specialist Records, Knowledge or Governance teams and the business system users themselves are comfortable with is vital. Building trust with business stakeholders is such a critical aspect of software innovation. EncompaaS provides visual guides to show exactly what’s happening with information, run simulations, and a choice to start with a supervisory model. Over time, the supervisory approach can progress to an audit model, spot checking and providing proactive models to escalate areas of anomalies for review back to the governance team.

So many organisations still need to get their core foundation in place to support their business growth goals. The challenge of human effort to go through old data sources, or to apply compliance to applications with traditional approaches has become unachievable. EncompaaS as a platform gets this job done defensibly and transparently, totally governed by your organisation.

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