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The Power of Quality Data in Pharma Rebate Contract Management

Authored by David Gould - Mar 22, 2024


Many in the pharmaceutical industry are monitoring the evolution of AI in the hope new solutions will help streamline financially important, but manually tedious, rebate contract management.

Using AI to extract terms and conditions from massive contracts and amendments and convert them into digital objects is the last step of the technical process.  Preceding any extraction activity requires a sharp and keen focus on the quality of the data being used for analysis.  For any use case – privacy, Gen AI and, yes, rebate contracts – AI tools are only as powerful as the data that fuels it. Which is why data quality is paramount for contract managers using AI tools to navigate the tedious task of searching through thousands of documents to locate specific language or contract data.  

The importance of data quality

Quality data refers to data that is accurate, reliable, relevant, timely and complete. With an accurate and comprehensive data layer, organizations can assess rebate contract data to make informed decisions. By capturing and consolidating this data, organizations can gain an all-encompassing view of their rebate contracts, enabling them to identify marketing and sales opportunities, optimize their supply chain, and enhance financial outcomes.   

Because you live and breathe rebate contracts daily, you are undoubtedly aware of the constant changes to amendments in these documents. These contracts are often hundreds of pages long and create an uphill climb for contract managers tasked with sifting through hundreds of documents to find, correlate and roll-up key information.  

In the world of pharmaceuticals, where every decision can impact the bottom line, the effective management of rebate contracts is critical. However, managing rebate contracts effectively requires more than just paperwork and a can-do attitude. It demands a sophisticated organizational approach that leverages data analytics for better decision-making.  

Manually addressing this task – even with highly trained teams — puts contracts at risk of inaccuracies that can have huge consequences in revenue management down the line. In such a scenario, the integration of quality data and best-practice technology solutions can equip contract managers with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-changing world of rebate contracts.   

Leveraging AI for better insights

Rebate contracts play a pivotal role in the financial ecosystem of pharmaceutical companies, often representing significant portions of their revenue and spending.   

By applying supervised machine learning and data visualization tools – all orchestrated in the EncompaaS solution – organizations can identify valuable contract information such as rebate eligibility criteria, rebate values, or key dates and flag potential compliance issues before they escalate.  

Contract managers can then provide insights and data via powerful analytics tools, allowing them to rapidly and reliably share key information relating to product performance, distributor and payer status and salespeople to drive more product into the market. By monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) such as rebate utilization, compliance rates, and contract performance metrics in real time, contract managers can provide prompt responses to stakeholders seeking to locate information from contracts.   

Establishing a quality data layer and implementing AI solutions like Azure OpenAI in a balanced way can provide a much-needed service to contract managers. With quality data established, contract managers can unlock valuable insights, enhance decision-making, and drive operational excellence for the company.  

The future of rebate contracting

At EncompaaS, we strongly advocate for the rapid adoption of AI-driven solutions to streamline the analysis and visualization of contracted agreements.  

When applied in the complex world of pharmaceutical rebate contracts, it provides an automated way of tracking the performance of drugs against contracted terms – enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to maximize the revenue potential of every rebate contract.  With EncompaaS, contract managers don’t need to learn another software application; they spend all their time learning more about their rebate data to drive better outcomes for their organization. 

David Gould

Chief Customer Officer

If you would like to see how one of the largest pharmaceutical companies is employing these new technologies, please contact me [email protected] for more information.

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